OEM Logo Manager

With this program, you can have your own logo and text appear on the system properties window. It is easy to use and you can save files to be used on several systems if you wish

With OEM Logo Manager V1.0 you can choose from a whole range of pre supplied bitmap images or search your system for your own. On start up the program will add all bitmaps in the samples folder to the drop down samples box to make access to often used bitmaps easy. The program comes with plenty to choose from but if you put your own into the samples folder within the program directory they will be available to you in the samples combo box during use. If you try to use a file that is too large, you will be notified.

You can edit the text that appears and have up to ten further lines in the support information window. The manufacturer field holds the name of the computer. This can be anything you want up to 25 characters. The same goes for the model field. This also holds up to 25 characters. Lines 1 - 10 all appear after you have clicked on support information. These will give you 10 lines of 40 characters. The choice is yours what you use these fields for.

Windows only allows Bitmaps to be used for the logo. Although I could of let this program convert the image for you, I felt that as the size was also restrictive you are better off using an image editor. Therefore, you need a Bitmap image that is no larger than 180 pixels wide and 114 pixels high.

Once again resizing an image to this size is better achieved through an image editor. You can use 24 bit bitmaps if you wish. Too make a transparent bitmap you must make sure that the bitmap has been converted to Indexed 256 colour. 24bit Bitmaps will not make a transparent image. Make sure that pixel (0,0) in the top left most part of the picture has the colour you want to be transparent. If you have a background colour that you do not want to be transparent put another colour at pixel (0,0), preferably 1 that doesn't appear in the rest of the image. Some image editors allow you to add a colour to the palette if needed. In some cases setting colour 0 in the colour index also can help.

Why is OEM Logo Manager V1.0 freeware? I decided that this program was made to be of use to anybody like me who needed it. I hate pulling down a program from the net after whetting my appetite with a lovely description just to find out that it is disabled or has nag screens. Apart from that if this software is free then more people will use it.

If you want to send any comments or just an E-mail to let me know you are using it then E-Mail me at Tontin. We make no profit and ask no price for our products but if you feel that the program is useful to you then donate something to your favourite children's charity.

TonTin hold's' the copyright to OEM Logo Manager V1.0 and strictly forbid the use or inclusion of it in a commercial or profit making situation without prior consent.

Usage of OEM Logo Manager V1.0 is acceptance of these terms.



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